Friday, August 21, 2009

Jamaica's Independence Month

From the words of the late great Bob Marley, "dem a go tired fi si we face". Once again, Jamaicans excel in all they do and the field of sports is not an exception. I am beside myself with joy, totally ecstatic and proud to be born in such a great country. Wi little but wi tallawah. This year World Championships in Berlin has proved to be a great birthday for my country with we so far gaining 10 medals including 5 gold. It was only August 1, we celebrated our emancipation from slavery and on august 6 we celebrated our 47 birthday. And since that time we have overcome many struggles and fights but along the way we have succeeded in music, culture, sports and even academics. So we are definitely blessed, no wonder because Jah-Mek-Ya, we are Xaymaca, the land of wood & water.

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